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Home Improvement Do's and Don'ts

Have you been considering doing improvements to your home? Always, always consider the possibility that you may need to one day sell your home.  Who knows you may get a job offer you can't turn down out of town or maybe you need to move to be closer to those you love.  Either way, the thought you would be the last person living in that home is very unlikely.  So you need to consider would the improvement "help" the sale or "hinder" the sale of your home.

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Here's a video that gives some ideas of what can give a return investment:3 Home Improvement Ideas that will pay off Big Time


Super cool new idea....I feel it will catch on like wild fire in the Southwest, where the sun is plentiful! Tesla Solar Roof Tiles

Exterior redo? or don't? Stone Exteriors- Asset or Nightmare

3 Home Improvements you may not want to do...Just a thought.... 

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